2SV Guide


Our services will not work without this, please follow the steps below for 2SV Setup:


Video Guide:


2SV Setup: Enable 2SV (2 Step Verification) and add 2SV key to Link Amazon Account Form:
Step 1: Download Google Authenticator on your mobile device:
iPhone Download | IOS/App Store
Android Download | Android/Google Play Store
Step 2: Enable 2SV (2 Step Verification) through Login & Security (https://www.amazon.com/your-account)
Step 3: Turn on 2-Step Verification
 Step 4: Click "Get Started"
Step 5: Click "Can't scan the barcode"
Step 6: Copy the 52 digit 2SV (2 Step Verification) key, you will need this for linking your Amazon Account in a later step. (You can save it in a note for later)
Step 7: In the Google Authenticator App, select "Enter a setup Key" and copy the 2SV key (52 digit code) into Google Authenticator App. Follow on-screen directions. 
Step 8: Follow the prompts from the Google Authenticator App. Verify the OTP(6 digit code from Google Authenticator) in your Amazon Account.
Step 9: Confirm and Turn on Two-Step Verification. 
Step 10: Add the 2SV key (52 digit code) to your Link Amazon Account Form

HINT: Your 2SV key should look something like this:

Let us know if there are any issues and we'll be happy to assist!