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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? What are Amazon Freebies?

Amazon Freebies occur when sellers make pricing and promotional errors, making the product FREE. Fiesta Freebies constantly scans for these Free products and automatically checks them out for you when they occur. Meaning, FREE products for you!

How Do I Get Started?

Complete checkout and Link your Amazon Account. It's never been easier to get Amazon Freebies!

How often do I get Free Stuff?

The general rule of thumb is that there will be some good periods, and some slow ones. It is all dependent on Amazon sellers putting their product to $0. You're guaranteed to receive checkouts of greater value than your membership fees or your next month is FREE! Please reach out to us before your next billing cycle, so your discount can be applied.

What if I get something I don't want?

Amazon freebies are completely random. So sometimes you might get something that you don't want to keep. Most of our members either keep the items, sell them, or gift them.

Some of our members even save their items for months and have an epic garage sale! 100% profit!

What's the process for Membership?

Once the initial fee payment has processed and you've linked your Amazon Account, your Amazon account information will be added into our automated checkout service. This will login the account for use. Sometimes, you will need to approve the login. Typically, you'll receive an email from Amazon alerting a new login.

Our services will now automatically checkout any FREE items on Amazon!

How much does Fiesta Freebies cost?

Your Fiesta Freebies Membership is only $30/Monthly!

Sign up today and join the Fiesta Freebies Fam!

Why is Fiesta Freebies so awesome?

Our members are what make us awesome! Your growing support and love for freebies keeps us going!

Join the Fiesta Freebies Fam Today!

Members FAQ

How do I manage my membership / How do I login?

You can access membership management by logging in through our website.

This can be done by creating an Account with the email address you checked out with.


Accessing the link in your Welcome Email (You might have to check Junk/Spam folder).

You can access your User Dashboard here: Fiesta Freebies App

How do I update my Fiesta Freebies Amazon account info?

Please reach out to us via chatbot or info@fiestafreebies.com.

We will reset your account and you'll be able to relink you Amazon Account with your updated information.

How do I know what I have checked out?

Amazon sends automated emails on new orders. Your freebies will be available for viewing through these.

You can also view your orders on your Amazon Account here.

How do I use the User Dashboard?

Log into the Fiesta Freebies User Dashboard using the email you checked out with.

Follow on-screen instructions to Link your Amazon Account.

Click Start Task!

You're all set! Welcome to the Fiesta Fam!

Why is my account not receiving freebies?

This could be due to a number of factors, but there are some uncontrollable factors that play into it. One of them being, that when a discounted item is dropped, there is over 100,000 accounts attempting to go for the same exact item, hence why you will not hit every item. We maximize your chance of this by providing you with the best possible service, assuring that you will be in the TOP 1% of accounts going for these items.

If you have not been getting any freebies for a week or so, you may potentially have an issue. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure this does not happen:

1. Make sure the information you provided is correct (Amazon Email/Password)

2. Make sure your Amazon Account has an active Prime membership. Business Prime will not work.

3. Make sure your account has Default Shipping & Payment Settings

4. Make sure your Amazon Account is linked via our app: Fiesta Freebies App

5. If you've confirmed all the above and have completed linking your Amazon Account via our app, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to assist!

How will my information be used?

Your information will ONLY be used in our automated checkout service program to ensure it is properly logged in. We WILL NEVER use your information for any other purposes or look at any sensitive information within the account.

How to pause/cancel billing?

This can be done in your membership portal. Memberships can be paused or canceled at anytime. If you're having issues, please use our messenger and we'll be happy to assist you!

What happens if my Amazon Account is locked?

If Amazon decides to lock your account, unfortunately there is nothing that we are able to do to help restore it.

Usually, you can restore the account with proof of your identity with Amazon.

In this event, you will need to provide a new account or any updated account information.